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Indoor Activities for Pre-K—Kindergarten

  • Date : Oct Sun, 2023
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Indoor Activities for Pre-K—Kindergarten

Indoor Activities For Pre-K Through Kindergarten

Below you’ll find some indoor recess activities for preschoolers to kindergartners.

1. Building Toys

Let younger students engage in free play with blocks and building sets. This play will foster creativity while boosting fine motor skills and coordination.

2. Action-Packed Songs

Bust out familiar classics like “Ring Around the Rosie” and “The Hokey Pokey” to get students moving, or try a song that gets students practicing color recognition as they move around. Encourage students to skip for a controlled activity.

3. Dress-Up

Younger students love to dress up and play pretend, and indoor recess is a fantastic time for it! You can keep a box of donated clothes and costumes in your classroom for students to try on. Make sure to have a full-length mirror handy so kids can admire the looks they create.

4. Drawing and Coloring

Younger kids love to color and draw. You can also play soothing music during free coloring time to stimulate kids’ imaginations.

5. Movement Games

Try Red Light, Green Light for an indoor recess game for kindergarten or pre-K students that incorporates both motor-planning and listening skills. Give your students a specific motion to do, such as tiptoeing, walking backward or hopping like a bunny.

When you say, “Green light,” your students are free to start moving. When you say, “Red light,” your students must freeze. Any student who continues moving or falls must return to the starting line. The first child to the finish line wins! Simon Says is another fun game to get students moving and thinking at the same time.

6. Parachute Party

For a change of pace, break out a parachute for some silky recess fun that helps develop motor skills and cooperation. Many parachutes are multicolored, like bright circus tents — kids can hold the colored edges and shake their sillies out while making the parachute ruffle and flip.

You can have your students use more controlled movements to make the parachute rise and fall and then invite them to sit down or go underneath the parachute. Try putting small stuffed animals or light beanbags in the center and letting students bounce them up and down in the fabric.

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