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Golden 2 months in Ghion

Ethiokidsplay is organizing a two-month kids event that offers a diverse range of activities and experiences. The event aims to provide children with an engaging and educational platform to explore various fields and develop their skills and interests. The package includes the following activities:


ü  Swimming: Kids will have the opportunity to learn and enjoy swimming sessions under the guidance of skilled instructors.


ü  Football (Soccer): Children will participate in football training sessions to improve their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


ü  Painting: Creative painting sessions will allow kids to express their artistic abilities and explore different painting techniques.


ü  Musical Instrument: Children will have the chance to learn and play musical instruments, fostering a love for music and enhancing their cognitive abilities.


ü  Traditional Dance: Kids will be introduced to traditional dances, learning cultural movements and rhythms.


ü  Modern Dance: Modern dance classes will help children explore contemporary dance styles and express themselves through movement.


ü  Manner: Manner sessions will focus on teaching children etiquette, polite behavior, and social skills.


ü  Finding Dream: Through interactive activities and discussions, kids will be encouraged to identify their dreams and aspirations.


ü  Dart: Dart games will provide children with a fun and engaging way to improve focus, precision, and hand-eye coordination.


ü  Knitting Work: Kids will learn knitting techniques, creating small projects and developing their skills.


ü  Pottery: Pottery sessions will introduce children to the art of clay molding and pottery creation.


ü  A Visit to Successful Organizations: Each week, children will have the opportunity to visit successful organizations, gaining insights into their operations and inspiring career paths.


ü  Life Experience: Kids will engage in various experiential learning activities that promote personal growth, resilience, and problem-solving skills.


ü  Experience of Successful People: Children will have the chance to interact with successful individuals from diverse fields, learning from their experiences and achievements.


This comprehensive two-month event organized by Ethiokidsplay aims to provide children with a well-rounded and enriching experience, fostering their physical, artistic, social, and personal development. 

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EthioKidsPlay is a subsidiary or sub-organizer of ElandDan Multimedia Company, specializing in organ...
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