Sunday, July 14, 2024

Nu Chika Enabuka

"Nu Chika Enabuka" embarks on a quest to rediscover our Ethiopian heritage, which has gradually faded over time. In a time before urbanization encroached upon our cities and marred the once pristine soil with litter, it is reasonable to assume that all Ethiopians, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, reveled in the joy of playing with mud during their formative years. Whether consciously or not, our childhood adventures of mixing, molding, and shaping mud served as the genesis of our individual identities, fueling our artistic inclinations, analytical aptitude, and insatiable curiosity. It fostered a resilience within us, pushing us to create unique clay masterpieces distinct from our peers, while simultaneously nurturing an unbroken bond with nature through the repetitive act of mud manipulation. The connection between playing with mud and childhood is deeply intertwined. As soon as a baby begins to crawl, encountering mud will instinctively lead to playful exploration, gradually transforming the clay into the shapes their imaginative minds conceive. These creations are then joyfully dismantled, rolled back into a pliable ball of clay, and readied for a fresh start. Such was the essence of our childhood experiences. As our minds mature, our creative endeavors take on greater clarity, and our knowledge and abilities become refined.

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